More than

of patients agreed their procedure was faster, more comfortable and less painful than expected.3

More than

of patients surveyed would recommend the clinician and/or facility.3

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Helps Maximize Patient Comfort.

Our ergonomically-designed memory foam cushions provide custom, targeted pressure-point support suitable for most body types, helping to eliminate motion and keep patients comfortable.

Patient Comfort with Changeable Apertures

Facilitates Easy Access to the Breast

Patient comfort and access are facilitated by interchangeable apertures, arm-through procedure accessories and an integrated lateral needle approach. Ergonomic positioning accessories quickly and comfortably allow access to challenging lesions.

Patient Comfort supports diverse body types

Supports Diverse Body Types

Interchangeable table apertures suit a wide range of body types, and the patient support platform can support and lift up to 400 pounds. Four lightweight paddle options suit each patient’s breast size, lesion location and the clinician’s desired approach.

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  • Patient positioning aids
  • Interchangeable memory foam cushions
  • Interchangeable table apertures
  • Arm-through accessories
  • Patient support platform (lifts and supports up to 400 pounds)
Maximum Comfort Memory-foam Cushions and Arm Rest

Maximum Comfort Pads and Arm Support

Interchangeable Table Apertures

Interchangeable Table Apertures

Capabilities and Advantages

Adapt to the Patient’s Body
The memory foam cushions and interchangeable apertures adapt to the patient’s body habitus helping to ensure the patient is physically comfortable.

Ensure Optimal Breast Access
The arm-through procedure accessories make access even to challenging posterior lesions fast and easy.

Maximize Patient Comfort
Patient positioning aids, memory foam padding, interchangeable apertures and arm-through accessories are designed to make it fast and easy to position patients comfortably.

Minimize Patient Anxiety
The table gives patients stable support while isolating them from view of the procedure and the needle itself, which may help manage anxiety and reduce the chance of vasovagal response.

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