More than 95%

of patients agreed their procedure was faster than expected.3

5 Ways the Affirm® Prone Biopsy
System Streamlines Workflow

Reduce Procedure Time

Reduce procedure time with intuitive software and pre-programmed needle parameters

Efficient Access

Efficiently access hard-to-reach lesions and thinly compressed breasts with an integrated lateral needle approach

Automated Tube Head Motion

Eliminate the need for manual X-ray tube positioning before each exposure with the automated tube head motion

Fewer Quality Checks

Perform quality checks once a day

One-Click Targeting

One-click targeting with 3DTM Breast Biopsy5

Intuitive Workstation Software

The system touchpoints were designed to improve ease of use and help clinicians keep the focus on the patient. Pre-programmed needle parameters reduce the need for manual calculations that can lead to errors and slow procedure time. This intuitive, user-friendly experience significantly improves workflow1 and is based on the software found in our Selenia® Dimensions® mammography system, making it easy to transition from using one system to the other.

Streamlined Workflow Workstation
Streamlined Workflow Tube Arm

Automated Tube Arm

Image collection is initiated with a single button press. With the touch of a button, an automated tube-head sweeps over the breast to acquire all necessary images, taking about 13 seconds for a 2D Stereo pair and about 5 seconds for a tomosynthesis acquisition. No manual X-ray tube positioning is required.

Streamlined Workflow Touchscreen

Touchscreen Biopsy Controls

The touchscreen biopsy control module with 3-dimensional navigation aids clearly display the position of the biopsy device to guide the way during the procedure. With automatic calculations, the biopsy needle parameters are programmed into the system to display safety margins and relevant distance in real-time. Clear color-change indicators show when the device is at the target, or at risk for safety margin violations.

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  • Automated tube-head motion
  • Pre-programmed needle parameters
  • Fully integrated lateral needle approach
  • 360º breast access 
  • Based on the proven system software found in the Hologic Selenia® Dimensions® mammography system
  • More than 6.5 times larger field of view (14.3 cm x 11.7 cm)¹
  • X-ray translucent, clear paddles
  • Lightweight compression paddles (>7.5 times lighter than MultiCare® Platinum system paddles)
  • Ergonomically designed, easy-to-use table adjustment controls¹
  • High-resolution color touchscreen Biopsy Control Module
  • Electronic, easily adjustable Acquisition Workstation height 
  • Dimmable LED lighting
  • One-click-targeting for 3D™ Breast Biopsy workflow

Capabilities and Advantages

Perform Faster Biopsies1

Significantly improved, easier workflow helps deliver faster procedures1 and can help reduce patient time under compression. Generate high-quality images in seconds to speed up procedure time1 using the fully-integrated, automated tube-head motion.

Perform QC Just Once a Day

Our software eliminates the need for time-consuming quality checks before every procedure.

Intuitive User Experience

Intuitive, easy to use software based on the same platform as the Selenia® Dimensions® system, including pre-programmed needle parameters, help to speed up biopsy procedure time and reduce the possibility for error.1

Improve System Ergonomics

A single press of a button raises the table to its highest position; foot pedals easily enable motorized compression and vertical C-arm positioning; and the C-arm controller allows vertical and transverse C-arm positioning, making table adjustments seamless.

Reposition Patients with Confidence

The large field of view and X-ray translucent, clear paddles make tissue surrounding the biopsy window clearly visible, for easy repositioning.

Efficiently Light the Workspace

Dimmable LED lighting illuminates the work area with diffuse light and task lighting focused on the breast.

Help Reduce Errors

Automated calculations with pre-programmed needle parameters eliminate the need for manual calculations, reducing the potential for error.1

X-Ray Translucent Clear Paddles

X-Ray Translucent, Clear Paddles
Lightweight, easy-to-install translucent, clear paddles that help visualize tissue inside and outside the biopsy window.    

Affirm Foot Pedals

Foot Pedals
Foot pedal controls enabling motorized compression and vertical C-arm positioning.

Affirm Prone LED Lighting

LED Lighting
Dimmable LED lighting illuminates work area with diffuse light and task lighting focused on the breast.

Affirm Biopsy System Table Controls

Table Controls
Easily accessible table up/down and lighting controls.

Dr. Margot Henebiens

“Because of the larger field of view, it's easier and quicker to find lesions."

Hear from Dr. Margot Henebiens about her experience with the Affirm® prone biopsy system.

Learn how the Affirm® prone biopsy system can help improve your breast biopsy offerings.

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