The Affirm® prone system offers superior performance with total access

Quickly and Easily Access Hard-to-Reach Lesions

The Affirm® prone biopsy system provides clinicians with a new level of 360-degree access. It provides continuous 180-degree C-arm rotation that can be stopped at any point, and patients can be positioned in either direction. It’s the only dedicated prone biopsy system with a fully integrated lateral needle approach,2 allowing clinicians to access hard-to-reach lesions and thinly compressed breasts by transitioning from a standard to a lateral needle approach in seconds.

Standard and Lateral Needle approaches

Standard and Lateral Needle Approach

A biopsy arm enables clinicians to easily transition between a standard and lateral needle approach in seconds with the touch of a screen. Without the need to reposition the patient—even once the procedure has started, and without the need for additional attachments. This grants access to challenging lesion locations and supports biopsy of very thinly compressed breasts (< 3 cm) with needle approaches parallel to the detector without impacting the compression platform.

Total Access to Posterior Lesions

Better¹ Access to Posterior Lesions

The Affirm® prone biopsy system’s fixed 10-degree biopsy device mount angle, integrated lateral approach, and arm-through procedure accessories don’t obscure view and make it fast and easy to position a patient, providing access to challenging posterior lesions.

The innovative, fully integrated C-arm

Fast and Easy Access at Any Angle

The innovative, fully integrated C-arm enables full 360-degree access to the breast, accommodating a wider range of patients and most lesion locations. With 180-degree C-arm rotation making it easy to access lesions CC, from below, or at any angle in between.

Dr. Alejandro Tejerina

"The 10-degree angle of the needle permits us access to posterior lesions that we couldn't access before with the old table."

Hear from Dr. Alejandro Tejerina about his experience with the Affirm® prone biopsy system.

Learn how the Affirm® prone biopsy system can help modernize your breast biopsy offerings.

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